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It's my goal to create a comfortable, safe environment where we'll work together to achieve your goals.
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Center for Positive Learning

Welcome to the Services at Center for Positive Learning

Welcome to the Services at Center for Positive Learning. We aim to provide the services that felicitously fit the desideratum and a need of an individual or a school . Be it a student/ a parent/ school/ someone who is looking for a motivational support. We empathize you with great compassion and work rigorously towards the problem to help you achieve your entire academic or personal potential.

Understanding that life has its own ups and downs, we provide counselling for individuals to enhance their personal skills development as well as management program to regain anxiety and mood composures. When you approach us, you can expect to have both up-front and authentic discussions with a trained, reliable counsellor in a safe environment. So, Let’s  talk about any emotional issue and experience yourself the process of change and growth.

Remember, your strength is our weakness.

Confidentiality statement: Our counselling service is highly confidential and the team is bound by confidentiality. We treat people with a wide range of problems extending from academic issues , stress issues to relationship issues .Do not hesitate to contact us when you experience any issue that intercepts you from achieving your goals.

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