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School Audits

School Audits are nothing but an evaluation of crude performance of the school for the best education practices. It aids in self-enrichment and academic exploration. It is accomplished by monitoring school premises, annual school inspections, incentive schemes, addition to the infrastructure facilities, parents meetings and focus groups, teachers, parents and students surveys. The auditors are ought to maintain objectivity and neutrality throughout the auditing process.

The information that holds in the below reports is solely to conceive parents’ amicable involvement with schools, to play a team role in their children’s learning, and, to abet in school betterment.

Inspection Reports :

Explanation of the inspection levels used in the report.

Below standard – Unsatisfactory and abysmal standard of the school where such low quality school level is forbidden. Schools will be asked to take immediate measures to redeem the quality of any aspect of their performance that is judged under this level.

Developing – – This is the rock-bottom level or the minimum level of acceptability required . All key aspects of performance and practice in every school should meet or exceed this level.

Proficient– The expected level of quality for a school

Exemplary– Exceptionally high quality of performance or practice

These below indicators are rated in the above talents :

  1. Instructional Practice
  2. Evaluation and Professional Culture
  3. Academic Rigor
  4. Student Engagement
  5. Differentiation and Checking for Under-standing
  6. Interpersonal Interactions
  7. Assessment Systems and Data Culture
  8. Family and Community Engagement
  9. Use of Instructional Time


Suggestions would be made, and the school will be asked to make an emphasis on the new estimate structure indicating how it will address the main findings of the report, and to share the plan with us. It is usually followed by another inspection based on the progress made by the school.