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Teacher Training Workshops – Empower The Teacher

Education is a formidable, and yet supreme factor in any given society. It plays a significant role in the comprehension differences between right and wrong.To formulate and show grounds for the teaching profession by encouraging upcoming teachers and illustrating that teaching is one such incredibly rewarding job which could be the most important influence in our lives.

Getting a highly-qualified trained teacher has its pros that assist students for their fruitful career. Lacking any training for teaching position will affect students to a great extent.

But, here, we ensure all our teachers have an authentic training background, zeal to mould student’s academic growing needs and support innovation. We believe our trained teachers are a trusted source to students and often play a mentor role for the intended outcome.

A distinguishing workshop to change certain beliefs and revitalize effective practices in teaching and learning :

Session 1 : Kick-start the mental confidence on a learner’s mind.

A session that deals with the mind of a learner. It represents

  • Learning styles
  • Lay the foundation emotionally with the learners
  • Gender based learning
  • Revamp the multidimensional aspects of learning to build abstract and theoretical knowledge
  • Motivation

Session 2 : The underlying foundation for profound teaching and proactive learning

  • Maslows Hierarchy of needs
  • Johari window
  • Zone of proximal development
  • Howard Gardners MI
  • Edward De bonos thinking hats

Session 3 : Training Teachers on creating the potent lesson plans

  • The fundamental frame work of the lesson plans
  • Inquire – prerequisite skills required for learning
  • Identifying the Teaching Aids
  • Learning Objectives- Blooms taxonomy using different domains
  • Teaching concepts
  • Intra learning
  • Assessment
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Home task